Why outsourcing hosting infrastructure might be a good idea

Published on May 7, 2008 at 8:54 am by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Hosting Articles

iweb clSome companies are still reluctant to outsource their server management although there is many benefits one could get from hosting companies such as iWeb.

Les Affaires newspaper has recently published a special report (in french) about servers for businesses that was talking about, among other things, iWeb’s services. The newspaper used, as an example, the case of a Montreal based company, Logiweb, which is really grateful to have outsourced its server management to iWeb : “Our objective, by using iWeb as a partner, is to focus on our specialization, which is the optimization of human ressources management, and to leave the other tasks to the experts“, explains Yves Forget from Logiweb.

Among the benefits of outsourcing, there is of course the advantage of being able to rely on experts, but also to avoid the hassle of finding qualified workers and to avoid paying for costly hosting infrastructures within the company. “Our servers at Logiweb costed us many thousand dollars in equipment and time. However, as for the servers we use for our customers, iWeb offers cost-effective services which allowed us to save on the initial investment“.

The Infoworld magazine also reported the case of the Bazaarvoice website who, having outsourced the management of its infrastructure, is able to manage its IT operations with only two employees out of a total of 200.

Furthermore, web hosts such as iWeb offer redundant services and a secure environment, far away from disasters. Logiweb story of a fire in their offices really well illustrates this situation : “Fortunately, all the servers who served our customers was in iWeb datacenter. We were therefore able to continue to offer all our customer a service without interruption even though our building was on fire !


According to Infoworld, the fact that hosting infrastructures are increasingly complex also invites companies to outsource. Considering that the success on the Internet is sometimes unpredictable and that the demand for resources can quickly gain momentum, it is necessary for companies to adapt to the demand, and hosting companies are in a better position to help. Also according to Infoworld, promotional sites used over a short period of time are also a growing market whose needs are met effectively by hosting companies.

In conclusion, the benefits to outsource Web sites hosting are numerous, and we won’t hide the fact that we suggest iWeb datacenters to do it !

iWeb in Europe for a Trade Mission

Published on April 1, 2008 at 1:06 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

rjccqAlways ready to broaden its horizons, iWeb is flying to Europe with nine other businessmen from Quebec for a Trade Mission, between march 28th and april 5th. The purposes of this trip is to establish contacts with european decision makers, but also to show how we can get things done.

The mission is organized by the Young Chamber of Commerce of Québec (RJCCQ):

?In a globalized business world, we are really happy to offer to ten young businessmen from Québec the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the European Union Model, to seize commercial opportunities, and to build a solid relation with european partners. The european market is perfect for Québec companies, and we believe that, after this mission, these ten businessmen will have the necessary skills and knowledge to help them conquer this market.? says Martin Thibault, RJCCQ president.

iWeb counts many european clients, and this trip is a great occasion to consolidate the company presence in those countries.

You can read the RJCCQ press release (in french) on the CNW website.

P.S. feel free to invite us if something is organized in Hawaii!

iWeb Rated Most Reliable Hosting Company by Netcraft for December

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netcraftiWeb has been named ‘Most Reliable Hosting Company’ for December 2007 by Performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate points around the Internet, and give customers an indication of the reliability of routing. For the entire month of December, iWeb’s servers were always up and there were no failed requests.

This marks the 4th time that iWeb has earned ‘Most Reliable’ in 2007.

The performance measurements are made at fifteen minute intervals from separate points around the Internet, and give customers an indication of the reliability of routing.

You can obtain more information about Netcraft?s rankings and consult the complete list on their website.

iWeb, best host in Canada for january according to TopHosts

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Top HostsiWeb was named “Top Web Hosting Provider” for the month of January 2008 by TopHosts had also named iWeb as best host for october 2007. The rankings are based on the quality of customer service, the variety of offers, and innovative approaches in marketing.

According to iWeb’s CEO Éric Chouinard, “It is always an honour to receive such an award. We will continue to work on improving our services in order to continually surpass ourselves. We had a great year and are planning to continue on this path for 2008, so stay tuned.

More details are available on TopHosts’ website.

iWeb is one of Netcraft’s top ten reliable web host for november

Published on December 20, 2007 at 10:48 am by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

netcraftIt’s not the first time (and should not be the last) that it happens, but it always gives great satisfaction to learn that iWeb has made Netcraft’s top ten of reliable web hosts. For the month of november, our datacenters had no outage, and failed a tiny 0.03% of requests.

Netcraft is known as a reference in terms of reliability measurement for web hosts. The firm uses many performance collectors to compile datas for all registered hosts. Last july, iWeb reached the top of the chart for a third time this year.

You can obtain more informations about Netcraft’s rankings and consult the whole list on their website.