How to compare server processors (CPU)

Published on January 9, 2015 at 12:22 pm by iWeb Technologies in: Hosting Essentials

Unlike shared hosting and virtual servers, hosted dedicated servers give you control over your choice of processor (CPU). Here’s some information to help you compare processors when buying dedicated servers.

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New range of engineered dedicated servers

Published on March 21, 2013 at 10:09 am by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

iWeb is proud to present an entirely new range of engineered dedicated server configurations, the result of months of customer consultations, performance optimization and further automation in our Montreal data centers.

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98 reasons why the planet’s happy you host with iWeb

Published on January 23, 2013 at 10:44 am by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

It’s not just your users who are happy you host with iWeb, the world is officially a better place for it.

Our electricity is 98% generated from hydroelectricity. It’s one of the reasons we can bring you more reliable hosting at a better price than our competitors. And it’s part of the inspiration behind our sustainable investment approach and long term perspective.

It’s also one of the reason’s we’re lucky to be located in Montréal, in Québec, Canada. Montréal is a city with a history rich in innovation that’s home to many technology companies and the incredibly talented people that make them tick. All just 45 miles (72 km) from the USA border.

Read on for more details about green hosting with iWeb, which is 98% powered by hydroelectricity.

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iWeb granted Intel Technology Provider Platinum 2011 status

Published on March 15, 2011 at 3:52 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

Recently, Sylvain Leclair (our Chief DNA Officer) and Curtis Phillips packed their bags to attend two major industry conventions. The first stop was in the hot sun of Orlando for the Parallels Summit 2011 convention.

This presence allowed us to meet potential and existing partners such as R1Soft and of course Parallels. Sylvain and Curtis also assisted to interesting presentations, notably from Kaspersky, Spam Experts and K-Splice.

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Martin Leclair answers to FindMyHost questions

Published on September 11, 2007 at 11:15 am by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

Entrevue avec Martin Leclair chez MyHostNewsMartin Leclair, Chief Operating Officer at iWeb Technologies, has just been interviewed by the people at FindMyHost, for the MyHostNews web site which is specialized in reporting news from the hosting industry. The site’s editors declared they were impressed with the overall offering of iWeb for many years, and thought it would be interesting to ask some questions about the recent changes in our dedicated servers offers.

These new offers, as M. Leclair explained, includes “faster FSB, higher cache memory and a improved processor conception (for “single” or “multiple” core) which improves performance while consuming less power generating less heat”. iWeb’s cofounder also reiterated the company’s commitment to ensure there is no bad surprises, data losses, or services interruptions.

Here’s the whole interview :

iWeb has offered dedicated hosting for awhile now. FindMyHost has been impressed with your overall offering for many years. Can you tell us of any improvements or new plans you have added to dedicated since we last interviewed iWeb technologies?

For the past few months, we’ve been through a major transition with a complete revision of all of our offers! Indeed, for most Web hosts, the processor is the main unit of comparison between offers, and iWeb is no exception to this rule. We have almost 20 dedicated server plans with Intel processors besides the AMD offers and we intend to keep our pricing structure the way it is; which is appreciated by the customers. We chose not to go with the gradual integration of new processors, as to avoid a high level of mismatch when customers compare the offers. By changing 100% of the processors in every offer, the streamlined approach keeps it easy for customers to measure, understand and maximize the value of each offer.

As the majority of people may already know, the processor improvements of the past few months were made on several levels. Faster FSB, higher cache memory and a improved processor conception (for single or ?multiple? core) which improves performance while consuming less power generating less heat. The improved processor conception is mainly what makes the recent standard comparison unit obsolete (the power of the CPU in Ghz), Foreseeing the market’s conversion to this new paradigm in the near future, iWeb has completed the technological migration and elaboration of these new offers. Server Evolution
Celeron D upgraded to: New Generation CELERON
Pentium 4 Hyper Thread upgraded to: Pentium E (The NEW Dual-Core)
Pentium D upgraded to: Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Duo upgraded to: Core 2 Quad
Pro Duo (Dual XEON) Servers
Xeon Dempsey upgraded to: Xeon Woodcrest
Xeon Woodcrest upgradable to: Dual Xeon Quad Core (2x Quad Core
means the power of 8 processors!)

Please note that this answer reproduce what we once published on this blog.

What is ‘Bad Surprise Insurance’ and how can it help your customers?

iWeb dedicated server plans comes with a administration plan (level1) that help a client reduce the management costs related to their servers and opt for security provided by daily backups, monitoring and software work. Administration levels 3, 4 and 5 include an insurance against ?bad surprises?. If your server is inoperative because of viruses, worms, defective software or any unforeseeable event and that immediately reinstalling both your server and its operating system is necessary, iWeb will reinstall your server and make it operational free of charge within 4 hours following your request. This service is offered 24/7 without reinstallation fees and without deducting administration time from your monthly package. The server is reinstalled as we initially delivered it to you. The 4 hour delay begins when the customer authorizes the reinstallation.

I noticed you offer managed backup services; can you elaborate as to how a customer of yours can utilize this? What I mean is, does your support team handle everything?

The client must ask for the backup service to be configured on his server and must specify the directories and files that will have to be backed up. Each day, a backup script is executed in order to take a snapshot of the data. The client will receive a daily email confirmation of the backup. Only the data that has changed from the previous snapshot will be updated. Most of the log and system files will be excluded from the backups. The snapshots are saved for a period of 14 days. The client can restore files from day 1 to day 14. The client is responsible of reporting any errors that would be reported in the daily reports.

iWeb also offers Managed Services for an additional cost. Can you give us the main differences between the Level 1 and Level 5 plans?

All dedicated server plans comes with a level 1 management plan so there is no additional cost. If a customer wish to upgrade his management plan to level 2 to 5, a minimal fee is added depending of the plan. Our different management levels come with different features, among them there is the amount of supported software work time allowed per month to the server from our technicians, the amount of backup space allowed to you also varies depending on the plan you choose. For example, customers with an level 1 management package can get 15 minutes support for softwares and operating systems supported by iweb per month compares to 2 hours/month for level 5 customers. For level 5 customers, monitoring + 24/7 Intervention is included. We have different management possibilities therefore any customer can find what best fits their needs.

We invite you to visit the managed services section to learn more about all the packages offered by iweb.

I enjoyed the video tour of your data center. Can you give us an overview of the backup, fire suppression, and security tools on site?

iWeb operates two datacenters featuring 30,000 square feet of floor space in buildings owned and operated by the company. The hosting facilities answer the clientele’s specific needs while respecting a series of criteria concerning accessibility, security and availability. In terms of security, both datacenters are equiped with a VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems and a Preaction Fire Protection System for fire suppression. Regarding power backup, our redundant installations can count on 3 generators and a total of 1715KVA UPS capacity. Our datacenters are also equiped with Biometric Sensors, Cameras and Secured Access for maximum security.

The interview is also available on MyHostNews website.