iWeb-NE, pictures and video of the second week of construction

Published on January 22, 2010 at 3:03 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

As promised at the announcement launch of our new Montreal datacenter, we will live this adventure with you 100%. We will therefore share videos, pictures as well as interviews every fridays for the next months, which will make you feel part of the project with us.

Here is a video of the first visit by several iWeb employees at iWeb-NE.

If you have questions or comments on the new data center, don’t hesitate to leave comments, and we’ll answer your feedback gladly

Have a good week-end!

iWeb wins the ESTim award in the Investment Project category

Published on May 13, 2008 at 9:14 am by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

Last Friday was the 20th edition of the ESTim award held by the Montreal East Island Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Patrice M. Pelletier, President and CEO of the Port of Montreal was the host for the evening. The actor and singer Frédéric De Grandpré was also part of the event.

estim 2008

iWeb was there for the occasion and is really proud to have received the ESTim award in the “Investment project” category. It seems that the efforts made in the establishment and expansion of our St-Leonard datacenter are paying off.

If iWeb has already invested a lot in the East Island, other enhancements are planned for iWeb-CL datacenter. We’ll keep you posted about it.

iWeb moves its headquarter to Nuns’ Island

Published on May 6, 2008 at 9:24 am by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

Last week-end, iWeb moved its headquarter in a new building in Nuns’ Island, Montreal. The Sales, marketing, accounting departments along as manager’s offices are now under the same roof. It is the third headquarter of iWeb?s history.

The building also includes a 12,000 square feet datacenter set to host servers in colocation and those square feet are selling like hot cakes.

Here’s a few pictures of the new place.

The building is circled by trees and we are certainly planning to get out there and listen to the singing birds while eating on the grass.

iweb co 3

Security is not an option for us, there is almost ten doors requiring an access card before entering office.

iweb co 4

The datacenter is wide and bright.


Bagels and muffins were waiting for us in the kitchen, but we are still waiting for a cofee machine.

iweb co 1

Office spaces are so wide that people at the other end seem really small.

iweb co 5

Some took the opportunity to clean up their desks. Menus from restaurants nearby our old office were sent to the recycle bin.


We have many windows which is great since summer has finaly arrived !

Here’s something that won’t happen to your server

Published on April 15, 2008 at 3:08 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Hosting Articles

1088607111.jpgThere are catastrophes that could be avoided. Even if we already showed you that a server will sometimes work when completely submerged, water is generally not welcomed into a datacenter, as demonstrated in the video from an unknown center, at the end of this post.

Of course, iWeb’s servers are well protected against water floods. None of them are located in basements. Our datacenters are equipped with many drains and they are simply not situated in risk zones.

I had a bad experience back in the 90?s, when it rained on my modem because of an open window and it lost some of its 14,400 bps. However, this can not happen to iWeb’s datacenters since there are no windows (neither in my office, but that’s another story).

So the risks are so small that really, it’s a non-issue. We just wanted to share these images with you so you can laugh or cry.

When technology become art

Published on January 24, 2008 at 4:25 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Hosting Articles

filsHuman beings always find a way to transform what’s not so cute in something beautiful, even when computer hardware is the subject. Not that Ethernet cables, switches , and other stuff on which the Internet is spreading are ugly, but no one would compare these with Van Gogh’s paintings. However, some persevering people saw an opportunity to release the artistic side of the machine.

It’s the case of Chris Harrison, student at Carnegie Mellon University, who had fun building graphical representations of usually intangible phenomenons. He has produced a map of interconnections between Wikipedia’s categories, a visualization of the bible, a graph showing global internet trends, and a world map of city-to-city internet connexions.

In this last case, Harrison used datas from the DIMES project in order to release a cute graphical representation on which we can see interconnections between cities of the world by router configurations (note that the internet still seem to be a Western thing) :

chris harrison

On the other side, Pingdom magazine regrouped some photographs of network cables arrangements made by techies with an artistic side :

cables réseau

At iWeb, we are not really cable artists, but we’re still organized…


Who said the web hosting industry was just rational and mathematical ?