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The Secret To Improving Business IT [Infographic]

Published on June 16, 2015 at 2:50 pm by iWeb Technologies in: Cloud Computing Articles

Server virtualization lets you get more from your servers. It lets you save money by simultaneously increasing server capacity while reducing the number of physical servers you use. And that’s not all. Virtualization makes managing IT simpler. It lets you deploy and integrate business tools, websites and databases much more quickly. So you can drive growth through improved productivity and much easier scaling.

Find out how virtualization can help YOU in our non-technical white paper: The Secret To Improving Business IT.

The Secret To Improving Business IT

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6 predictions for the future of cloud infrastructure

Published on February 3, 2015 at 11:41 am by Satish Hemachandran in: Cloud Computing Articles

The future of cloud is bright, but in the coming year, cloud performance will become a critical factor. Organizations will be challenged to build a best-fit cloud environment that meets workload requirements and provides optimal performance.

Future of Cloud

Below are six predictions about the future of cloud infrastructure for 2015.


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Say Goodbye to the Noisy Neighbor!

Published on April 2, 2014 at 11:24 am by SolidFire in: Cloud Computing Articles

The Noisy Neighbor is the annoying guy that ruins a good party for everyone. In cloud terms, the Noisy Neighbor is the application or volume that consumes a disproportionate amount of available IOPS at the expense of every other volume in the system.

Noisy Neighbor TI Joe

iWeb launched its new OpenStack powered Public Cloud Service in mid-2013. And by running the entire public cloud offering on SolidFire’s all-flash storage, iWeb was the first Canadian hosting provider to be able to offer a public cloud platform with absolutely zero noisy neighbor problems. (more…)

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Navigating Cloud Terminology: Private Clouds

Published on March 28, 2014 at 10:52 am by iWeb Technologies in: Cloud Computing Articles

Cloud terminology is neither static nor precisely defined. To the person in the street, the word cloud is shorthand for services or data that’s remotely hosted and conveniently accessible. And although IT professionals break cloud hosting down into far more specific services, even they cannot agree on some definitions, including that of private clouds.

This blog post examines the basics, the nuances and the pitfalls of private cloud terminology.

Private Cloud Definitions (more…)

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Register for the 2nd OpenStack Montreal: March 17, 2014

Published on March 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm by iWeb Technologies in: Cloud Computing Articles

iWeb is invested in the OpenStack project and community, our public cloud offer runs on it and we’re working to add more features and contribute back to the project, just like we did in 2013 when we became the top contributor to OpenStack in Canada.

Last year UQAM’s students organized the first OpenStack Montreal meetup, sponsored by iWeb, eNovance. The results were very positive and now we’re joining forces again to organize the 2nd OpenStack Montreal meetup at UQAM, which will take place on March 17th on room SH-3620, starting at 18:00. This time we chose a theme for the event, we’ll be talking about Storage options in OpenStack with two main talks: Object Storage 101 and Ceph 101, followed by a Q&A session. This time it will be sponsored by iWeb, eNovance and Savoir-faire Linux.

Come learn with us, register now! Help spread the word, tweet, post on Facebook, call your friends, it will be fun!

Openstack Montreal

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