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Check the current iWeb system status at any time

Published on October 2, 2008 at 11:27 pm by iWeb-Op in: iWeb Articles

As announced earlier, the new iWeb blog also bring a brand-new tool for iWeb customers, the system status page.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I invite you once again to come over and see the new visual tool.

system status You can see it as a dashboard to check the current system status of iWeb data centers, networks, and servers. Current incidents or updates about the system are shown first, while past incidents are shown below as a reference. We have also a new color code for the updates: green is for resolved incidents or informational messages, orange is for light service disruption or programmed maintenance, and red is for bigger issues.

When clicking on an incident, you will get a history of the incident, with each post reflecting an update.

What does it mean practically if you are a iWeb customer? First, it’s much easier for you to “read” the information and know if there’s a current problem or not, instead of having to search through past blog posts. Second, since an incident is now broken down into a series of posts, you can now just follow the RSS feed, instead of checking and clicking everytime on the post, as required previously. When an incident is resolved, a post will be pushed into this category.

We hope this will be an useful for all iWeb customers. Of course, this won’t solve everything; if you have an issue that is not show on this page, you are encouraged to open a ticket in the customer hub.

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Welcome to the new iWeb Blog!

Published on September 30, 2008 at 10:23 pm by iWeb-Op in: iWeb Articles

The iWeb blog was one of the first tools used by the company to communicate news and system updates to its customers, with the first ever post published in March 2003, more than 5 years ago.

Since then, iWeb has grown steadily, opening new data centers and offices, adding new services and products. The blog grew organically, following the company’s growth; but as time passed by, we saw the need for an improved tool for communication.

One of the problems you might have noticed is that it was very difficult to navigate inside the blog, or find old pieces of information. Simple things like trying to see the current status of the iWeb systems was also very difficult.

That’s how it was decided to build a brand-new iWeb blog.

If you read this by RSS, you might want to come over the website and see the visual and layout changes.

3 categories One of the first big difference is that we have now 3 different “channels”: iWeb, Web development and Web Hosting. iWeb will have all the news from the iWeb company, such as new products, new infrastructure or other official news. Web development is geared to iWeb customers who are building their website; we will share there regularly tips and news about designing, programming and marketing your website. Finally, Web hosting will have articles about the hosting industry, with articles about latest hosting conferences, new technologies, and also explaining why iWeb is choosing a technology for its infrastructure.

These 3 channels were implemented because we are aware that not all of you are interested in every topic that is published on this blog; you can for example choose to only subscribe just to one channel.

Because of the importance of status updates, these also have a brand-new sectionthat will be covered in a later post.

Another focus during the development of the new iWeb blog was feedback given by the iWeb community. This goes from current iWeb customers, visitors, future customers, outside partners or iWeb employees. To create a healthy community, with improved communication, we have implemented simple features like post rating, a better display for comments, a new blogroll etc.

But those are just simple tools, and our intention goes beyond that. To celebrate the launch of the new iWeb blog, we plan for instance to feature iWeb customers in this blog, telling YOUR experience with iWeb (like this). If you are interested, then please leave a comment, and we’ll contact you. For you, it’s an opportunity to showcase your current project & websites, and also tell your side of the story.

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New 22M$ Financing Agreement Between iWeb and Goldman Sachs

Published on August 27, 2008 at 7:42 pm by iWeb-Op in: iWeb Articles

We are proud to announce a new 22M$ financing agreement with Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking. To learn more about the terms of this agreement, we invite you to read the
complete press release.

This agreement will cover iWeb’s financial requirements for the long term growth of the company’s data centers, as well as its dedicated server leasing and web hosting operations. “With this agreement, Goldman Sachs will provide financing to allow us to further our business objectives.” declared Eric Chouinard, iWeb Chief Executive Officer.

“A deal of this magnitude will allow us to continue investing in the infrastructures which are vital to maintaining our growth, which has been outstanding thus far.“ added Marc Guindon, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. Thank you to all of our customers, for being a part of what iWeb is today.

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Published on August 4, 2008 at 8:21 pm by iWeb-Op in: iWeb Articles

After its original launch in English and French in march, the new is now available in Spanish! Olé!

Originally planned for summer 2008, the latin site is officially online since 8:00 PM Montreal time, and will offer all iWeb hosting services in Spanish at the following address: Though the entire site now available in three languages, you may notice that our team is still working on the ordering process (currently available in English and French), the backend and that our blog does not yet have a spanish version … we are working on it.

Over the past several months iWeb has multiplied the services offered to spanish speaking customers, including the addition of spanish speaking account managers, customer service agents and support technicians. We hope our efforts will facilitate the work of system administrators and web entrepreneurs everywhere in the world, who can now work with their web hosting provider in their mother tongue.


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The New iWeb, Now Online !

Published on March 10, 2008 at 6:07 am by iWeb-Op in: iWeb Articles

We are currently fixing the last issues on the new web site. The development team has been working for more than 9 months on the project and has yet to go to sleep after yesterday night’s work to bring the site online. Discover the new design, the new domain, new products and a lot more at the new Official press releases will be posted later today and tomorrow and there is still a lot to come in the next weeks.


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