Say Goodbye to the Noisy Neighbor!

April 2, 2014 by SolidFire in: Cloud Computing Articles

The Noisy Neighbor is the annoying guy that ruins a good party for everyone. In cloud terms, the Noisy Neighbor is the application or volume that consumes a disproportionate amount of available IOPS at the expense of every other volume in the system.

Noisy Neighbor TI Joe

iWeb launched its new OpenStack powered Public Cloud Service in mid-2013. And by running the entire public cloud offering on SolidFire’s all-flash storage, iWeb was the first Canadian hosting provider to be able to offer a public cloud platform with absolutely zero noisy neighbor problems.

The Noisy Neighbor effect

In a traditional public cloud architecture, the Noisy Neighbor occasionally consumes a disproportionate amount of disk IOPS at the expense of every other volume in the system. Because legacy spinning disk storage technologies are unable to isolate or predict the behavior of the Noisy Neighbor, it was really difficult for service providers to guarantee performance to any of their cloud-based customers.  Everyone has experienced situations where one minute your website is fast and then two minutes later its slower than molasses.  For that past frustration you can thank the Noisy Neighbor.Noisy Neighbor

Because businesses were unable to get any kind of predictable performance guarantees from their cloud provider, most customers simply didn’t trust them with any of their business critical or performance sensitive applications and chose to keep running the most critical applications inside the corporate firewall.

Oh how the times have changed

SolidFire’s unique storage architecture protects the performance profile of every volume in the system giving every iWeb Cloud customer the performance of a dedicated, private SAN but delivered with the value proposition of a large public cloud platform.

Using SolidFire’s all-flash storage to run its Cloud Servers platform, iWeb gives every volume running on its cloud platform a minimum of 400 IOPS of performance to ensure each application always receives an exact amount of guaranteed performance.  By combining a high-performance architecture with fine grain quality-of-service controls iWeb now makes it easy for businesses of any size to confidently move and run any critical application in the cloud.

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