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June 28, 2013 by Sam Turner in: iWeb Articles

iWeb are following in the footsteps of many great Canadian innovators. From the high-tech to the everyday, here are some things you probably never realized were invented in Canada, as we get ready to celebrate Canada day on Monday July 1. To find out some of the benefits of hosting in Canada with iWeb, see our green data center page.


Technological innovations include the 56k modem (1996), the atomic clock (1960s), the television camera (1936), the walkie-talkie (1944) and the IMAX cinema system (1968). Although commonly accredited to Canada, the telephone was patented in the USA and invented by a Scotsman who lived in Canada, the famous Alexander Graham Bell.Canada

Everyday items

A world without Canadian innovations just wouldn’t be the same! Everyday items invented in Canada include the egg carton (1911), alkaline battery (1954) and even the humble garbage bag – who knows what happened to garbage before Harry Wasylyk invented it in 1950.


If you have a sweet tooth, you may be interested to know that peanut butter was patented in Canada in 1884. Or that Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup, exporting 9.4 m litres every year.

Sports and games

Most sports fans will know that modern Ice Hockey (1875) was invented in Canada, you may not know that basketball (1891) was also invented by a Canadian living in Massachusetts. If you prefer a less physical challenge, you may be interested to know that Trivial Pursuit was invented in Montreal, Canada in 1979. Be sure to remember all these inventions for next time you play!

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