ADVA FSP 3000 deployed

November 15, 2012 by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

We’re pleased to announce the deployment of the high-capacity, energy-efficient ADVA FSP 3000 optical transport solution throughout our high-speed Montréal network.

The ADVA FSP 3000 is the most efficient, reliable and scalable solution available and will help us scale our network while maintaining our promise of 100% uptime.

ADVA & iWeb for a better network

iWeb’s network availability and response are amongst the best in the industry according to independent audits by Netcraft. And we continue to invest in the most advanced technologies in order to maintain this enviable position.

By working with partners like ADVA and investing to improve capacity and performance today, we are in a superb position to meet the customer expectations of tomorrow and to provide more and more organizations with the most reliable hosting service available at a lower price than our competitors. Our data centers currently have capacity for 35,000 servers.

The ADVA FSP 3000 enables iWeb to rapidly respond to this data growth and scale to future 100G technology. It was specifically chosen because of its performance, small footprint and cost efficiencies.

Low power consumption reduces operating costs and allows us to offer better value for customers in the long term, while fulfilling our environmental obligations.

This combination, along with its scalability, ensures iWeb can respond to customer demand in the most effective way possible.

“Our network is our critical competitive advantage. It’s what differentiates us. It’s what sets us apart from the market. Our network availability and response times are some of the best in the industry. That`s why it’s vital that we only work with the most dynamic partners. ADVA Optical Networking reflects our own drive for customer satisfaction and the desire to push technology. You only need to look at the small footprint and low power consumption of the ADVA FSP 3000 to understand this.”

- Cyrille Mertes, iWeb CTO

“iWeb has built an impressive history focused on technology and, more importantly, using this technology to exceed customer expectations. The company has created a network that achieves 100 percent uptime and some of the fiercest response times in the industry. We`re working with iWeb to help drive its network forward, to help the team achieve even more. This is the beginning of a partnership that will see iWeb scale to 100G and beyond.”

- John Scherzinger, senior vice president of North American sales at ADVA Optical Networking

You can find out more about our high-speed, reliable network and take a video tour of our energy-efficient data centers on


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    Aunque la conectividad desde que contratamos con ustedes no ha sido un problema me emociona que tenga alta prioridad la conectividad en los centros de datos de iweb no obstante me surge una duda, desde que contamos con servidores en los centros de datos en Iweb solo hemos tenido un evento de alrededor de una hora sin conectividad y fue cuando hubo un incendio cerca de uno de los centros de datos, para eventualidades como la comentada tienen alguna salida si se prolongara por un tiempo considerable?

    Mis mejores deseos y mi felicitación desde México por el constante crecimiento de Iweb y por la preocupación de sus clientes


    Bien que la connectivité depuis embauché avec vous a été un problème qui m’a excité connectivité haute priorité dans les centres de données iWeb-moi cependant une question se pose, puisque nous avons des serveurs dans les centres de données de iWeb, nous venons d’avoir si environ une heure sans connectivité et quand il y avait un feu près de l’un des centres de données pour éventualités ont commenté comme un moyen de sortir si elle se prolonge pendant un temps considérable?

    Meilleurs voeux et félicitations en provenance du Mexique par iWeb préoccupation croissante et ses clients

    Although connectivity since hired with you has been a problem that has me excited high priority connectivity in data centers however iweb me a question arises, since we have servers in data centers in Iweb we just had event about an hour with no connectivity and when there was a fire near one of the data centers to have commented eventualities as a way out if prolonged for a considerable time?

    Best wishes and congratulations from Mexico by iWeb growing concern and its customers