The Control Center, Our Next Generation Customer Hub

November 1, 2010 by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

When we first developed the concept of the Smart Server, we knew immediately that we would need to create a new tool to allow you to harness the flexibility of its functions, like the ability to shut down and reboot remotely, or manage network connections, for example.

If you are currently a client, then you are familiar with the Customer Hub, the web interface that allows you to manage many aspects of your iWeb account. With Smart Servers, we wanted to bring you an improved user experience by giving you even more control over the administration of your new server.

The Control Center is much more than a simple update to the Client hub, we redesigned it from the ground up.

Providing simple and smart solutions is at the heart of our promise. A control panel is not only used to manage servers but is also how customers identify with our products.

We have come up with what we think is a user-friendly control panel system that will differentiate iWeb from other providers and make it easy for Smart Server customers to manage their servers.

The first version of the Control Center that is already available to Smart Server customers comes with basic functionalities like reboot and power management, remote console access, hardware upgrade requests and network (WAN & LAN) management.

Here is a short video that will give you a first impression of the look and feel of the Control Center. Note that the interface presented here is in English but it is also available in French and Spanish.

The legacy Customer Hub will still be in use for a while, alongside the Control Center, notably for opening customer support tickets and submitting billing questions but we plan to fully integrate its functions in the Control Center in the future. Many more functionalities are also in the works and are planned for the coming weeks and months.

For more technical details please read the Control Center release notes.

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