Release Notes: Control Center 1.0

October 14, 2010 by iWeb Technologies in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

This is the first public release (version 1.0) of iWeb’s new Control Center that allows customer to manage Smart Servers (dedicated servers deployed using iWeb’s latest server provisioning technology called Smart Layer).

What is the Control Center?

Control Center allows you to manage all aspects of your new Smart Server. Once logged in, you will find easy access to your list of active Smart Servers. Simply click on the server you want to manage to access its Server Administration, Hardware and Network options. New features will be added frequently, you can read our Control Center update thread for all the details.

What is the Hub?

The Hub is still the management tool for all your Billing and Support requests. It also is the tool you need to use to manage all the other products offered by iWeb beside the Smart Servers. You will find direct links to important Hub sections at the top of the user interface. Support and billing for all your products, including Smart Servers still has to be managed through the Hub.

User Interface

The new Smart Server control center presents a new and friendly user interface design featuring a sidebar for product navigation, an avatar and view of the current logged in user, server administration, hardware management and network management pages in addition to links to the old customer hub for support and account management.


Active Smart Servers can be viewed using the Smart Servers link in the sidebar.

Current set of features includes :

- Active Smart Server list
- Visual identification of new Smart Servers
- Visual identification of servers currently in reinstallation.

Server Administration

The server administration panel shows the current specifications and allow for access to the remote server management tools.

Current set of features includes :

- Show current hardware specifications, IP address & operating system
- Power Management Action Menu
- Reboot Smart Server (Reboot of the VM)
- Reinitialize Smart Layer (Reboot of the Physical Server)
- SSH/Terminal access details & tools
- Control Panel access details
- Console Action Menu
- Console Access using Guacamole for Virtual KVM/IP.

Virtual console: Reported compatible versions of browsers

Apple OS X :
Chrome 7.0.517.41 beta *
Firefox 3.6.10
Safari 5.0.2

Windows :
Firefox 3.0.1
Chrome 6.0 *
Chrome 7.0 beta *
Chrome 8.0 beta *
Firefox 3.6.10

Ubuntu :
Firefox 3.6.6
Chrome 6.0 *

*Note that when the connection to your server is lost, Chrome may display a blank page instead of the intended error message. If this occurs, make sure your server is up and refresh the browser window or re-launch the Console.


The server hardware panel allows you to see the current specifications of your Smart Server, manage your RAM or migrate to a new Smart Server.

Current set of features includes :

- View complete hardware specifications
- Easy migration request; creates a ticket to proceed with a disk swap.
- Manual RAM memory upgrade request; creates a ticket.


You can manage all your network options from this section.

Current set of features includes :

- View current SuperSmart Status
- View public Internet Port (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) status
- View IP addresses details.
- Feature to Activate/Deactivate SuperSmart option allowing for GigE LAN
- Feature to Activate/Deactivate LAN
- Feature to Activate/Deactivate WAN
- Feature to add IP addresses

Next Features:

Control Center future releases

-Addition of an overview page.
-Addition of a software page with OS Reload and reinstallation.
-Addition of an interactive store.
-Addition of a feature request.
-Addition of private LANs.
-Addition of customizable software Firewall.
-Addition of customizable monitoring.

Smart Layer future releases:

-Hardware RAID
-Support of Windows installation.
-Support of i-processors.
-Support of Plesk Control Panel installation.

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