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June 21, 2010 by iWeb Technologies in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

iweb-neFrom time to time, we like to bring you some news about the evolution of our new data center. Since our last article a lot of work has been accomplished. The old factory we acquired in Ville-Lasalle, near Montréal is really starting to look like a full-fledged data center.

Plaster dust and debris are almost memories of the past. The ceilings are now equipped with tens of meters of cable ladders and raised floors have been installed. The power supply, UPS and air conditioning systems are now functional.

Since last week our teams have really been busy and several employees spent most of their time on NE. A real challenge awaited them: nearly 40 servers have been delivered to the facility ready to be installed for production.

The servers allocated to data center operations and those needed for the accomodation of future clients have been physically installed in cabinets. These servers include MRTG servers (for bandwidth calculation), Nagios servers (for monitoring services) and DNS servers (to resolve domain names into IP addresses). The installation of operating systems and services will begin soon.

Videotron is now completing the installation of two optical fibers for a broadband connection with our other data centers iWeb-CO (Ile des Soeurs) and iWeb-CL (Couture Boulevard). Work should be completed early this week.

The racks are installed in the Telco room and the two first Cisco 6500 routers are now in place (two other similar routers will be installed later).

Here are some photos to give you a taste:

It’s great to see such an ambitious project take shape. It is evolving day after day and we are quite excited about it!



  1. Is this data center only for dedicated servers or will colocation be available?

  2. Yes, this data center will be completely devoted to dedicated servers. Our other facilities will still provide colocation space.

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