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May 6, 2010 by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

iweb-neSome time ago we announced the construction of a new data center.

For this fourth data center we wanted to innovate both in terms of network architecture, for example with the automated provisioning of servers, and in terms of power management and cooling. In addition to the glycol cooling, we will use XDC units that will inject cold air allowing a high density of servers.

Our CTO, Cyril Mertès, is even researching a way to use recycled water during the summer instead of glycol in order to further reduce our energy footprint.

We keep following the plan, as you can see in the picture gallery at the bottom of this article. The only change that has been made to the initial plan so far is to install air conditioning units in the server rooms, instead of the aisles to meet safety standards. Regulations require us to provide a clear passage free of any equipment to emergency exits,.

We are currently finalizing the installation of the internal systems (walls and insulation) and the ducts needed to bring power to the servers. In addition, the roof has been completely redone and the paint job is going well.

In parallel, we already have received all the electrical equipment: UPS, primary and secondary panels etc..

We will soon proceed with the installation of raised floors and suspended ceilings as well as the plumbing and components required for air conditioning and cooling of the servers.

We’ll have other news soon.



  1. I’m so jealous!

    One day, I’ll become an iWeb portuguese sysadmin tech :D

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