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iWeb mentionned in Mexican media

Published on March 29, 2010 at 12:12 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles


A couple of weeks ago iWeb travelled to Mexico on a trade mission. On this occasion, Eric Chouinard, President and CEO of iWeb met with Mexican media.

Journalist Guillermo Martinez wrote an article about the expansion of Quebec’s gaming and information technology industry. Here is a freely translated version of this article published March 17 in the mexican daily, Excelsior. (more…)


The King is dead. Long live the King!

Published on March 24, 2010 at 1:42 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

Your community manager, Jean-Luc Sanscartier has left us and will be replaced by Stéphane Jose. This message is the first step of the “handover” to be held in the coming days. We wanted to share this with you.

A word from the former employee: “I arrived at a new stage in my life. I worked for nearly 8 years for iWeb and when I started I never thought the company would be that successful! I loved all the jobs I was given over time. I was surrounded by an incredible team and I still believe in the enormous potential of iWeb. I made many sacrifices during all these years and with all my projects happening, I decided that it was now or never to make this change in my life. I thank iWeb for giving me my chance, allowing me to progress and helping me grow. I also thank all those who are part of iWeb’s community, for reading me and for sharing comments. Your participation and continued collaboration is key to its success. See you soon! ”

A word from the new guy: “Quite a challenge that awaits me! I am excited to step into the shoes of the one who maintained the relationship with you for so long. Internet have been central to my activities for a long time now and I have previously held many jobs in IT. Managing communications for a fast-growing technology company, interacting with a team and a community such as iWeb’s are challenges I now face with enthusiasm. I hope we will develop a relationship of mutual support and collaboration that will be useful to everyone, as you have done so well with Jean-Luc. I am awaiting your comments on Twitter or Facebook.”

The word of the boss: “Last week, our community manager, Jean-Luc anxiously came to see me. It felt like it was the day I hired him, already 8 years ago. Contrary to his usual attitude, positive and confident, he nervously announced me he was going to leave us… what an unpleasant surprise! Jean-Luc was so much part of the landscape that I had never actually considered him leaving. After our discussions, I understood his desire to work on new projects and it is with great respect that our paths diverge. Thank you Jean-Luc for your dedication over the years, your availability and your versatility. You have contributed to iWeb’s growth and success. I wish you all the success you deserve in your career and your life. Good luck! ”


New $3 Million Financing Agreement for iWeb

Published on March 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

iWeb confirms the conclusion of a $3 Million USD financing agreement with Goldman Sachs.

This funding will be used to complete the infrastructure for the first phase of iWeb’s latest Montreal data center. Estimated at just over $ 2.5 Million, infrastructure construction work should be completed during the upcoming weeks. iWeb’s fourth data center should be putting its first servers online this summer. These new servers will be provisioned using a new automated process.

More detail are available in our press release


IWeb is the Official Sponsor of ‘For the Web’ 2010 Coding Competition

Published on March 5, 2010 at 10:29 am by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

iWeb is proud to be a valued sponsor of the 2010 FTW! Coding Competition “For the Web, For the Win!”, a competition all about driving open source web applications on Windows web platform!

What is The FTW! Coding Competition?

FTW! is where the best and brightest Canadian web developers go toe-to-toe to develop the next great Canadian Web App. How can you participate? Simply code or port a web application onto Windows/IIS or Windows Azure. That’s it, that’s all. All applications that fall into any of the following categories, and are on Windows/IIS or the Windows Azure Cloud are eligible.

Compete in the following categories:

  • PHP Application: (PHP on Windows+IIS or PHP on Windows Azure)
  • Windows Azure Application: (Any Language: .Net, PHP, Ruby, Python…)
  • Open Data Application: (Use of Open Data Catalogues on Windows or Windows Azure on Any Language)

What could you win?

Along with an awesome grand prize worth fighting for (Dell Office Computer Make Over), the FTW! Coding Competition not only grants the winner bragging rights as one of Canada’s top web developers, but awards two runner-ups with top of the line Dell prizes as well. Once the hard work is done, a panel of industry judges will choose three finalists to battle it out for the grand prize at the “Make Web Not War” conference on May 27th in Montreal!

How can you register?

If you want more information on how to register to the competition please visit:

See you at the finals in Montreal!