iWeb to host 20,000 dedicated servers in a new data center in Montréal

January 12, 2010 by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

The year 2010 has begun a few days ago and we’re already announcing a new data center with a 31,000 sq feet footprint, with a 20,000 servers capacity. This data center is located in the LaSalle neighborhood, in Montréal’s west, and we will be connected with 10GigE links to our other data centers. We will have now a capacity of 35,000 servers in 4 different strategic locations, which will be fed with 76Gbps Internet connectivity.

“The new center will be built to accomodate our automation needs, which is one of our 2010 priorities, said Cyrille Mertès, chief technical officer (CTO). Since it’s a new data center, we can plan from the beginning according to our current criterias and standards, with a minimum of technological compromise. ”

During the construction, we will communicate regularly with you with photos and videos of the work. We will also share the secrets of this adventure so that you can understand the technologies we will use to host your next servers at iWeb. Like the construction of our other 3 data centers, it will be done in several phases. The end of the  phase 1, which will require a $3,000,000 investment, is planned for April 2010, and will welcome 3,000 servers.

As early as next week, we will begin to show you pictures of our data center! you can become a fan of iWeb on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for real-time information about building at iWeb-NE. You can already see exclusive pictures available on our Flickr and Facebook accounts.

As mentionned on our last post on the year 2009, we are ready for 2010; are you ready to enjoy it?

Official press release here


  1. Great News!!

    Please lower your rates so we can make money!

    You charge for stuff that other companies simply do not charge for like extra IP’s.

    Your monthly dedicated server fees are at least 25% over priced.

    Lastly for the love of humans all over the planet get a USA data-center!!

    Ohh and keep up the good work!

    Matt Lawson

  2. @Matt, I don’t see why iWeb requires an American data centre. A Canadian data centre will do just fine. Canada’s web infrastructure is similar to the US infrastructures, both nations have vast fibre optic networks and are among the world’s fastest. If you require a company with an American data centre, there are tons out there.

    I’m planning to go with iWeb in a couple months just because they have a Canadian data centre and they are a local company (being in Canada that is).


  3. Thank you for your comments. About the prices, our server prices are among the lowest on the market. Furthermore, we offer a lowest price guarantee so we will beat any advertised or quoted prices from well known providers.

  4. Agreed, iWeb’s prices are very expensive, particularly for disk space and bandwidth. Disks are extremely cheap these days, you can buy a 1TB drive for less than $100 yet iWeb will charge you $60/month to add a 1TB hard disk to a dedicated server. In 2 months you could literally buy the 1TB drive yourself and save money for the remainder of the year!! As well most of the “budget” servers use very old/basic CPU/motherboard combos which are definitely not worth the price charged. I keep a main server @ iWeb however my backup systems are hosted with other providers where the prices aren’t as expensive.

    I agree with not having a US datacenter however, one of the principal reasons I host with iWeb is that I do not want my data hosted in the USA, where the government has the ability to seize data for “reasons of national security.”

  5. First I run a design and hosting firm. Client prefer hosting on servers in USA, but I dont mind that they have their servers only in Canada. As long as their service is great, who cares where their data center is.

    Iweb price, service, support, staff and other things are in a perfect combination, like a great recipe.

    Just keeping rocking you guys.

  6. I’ve been with iWeb for just over a year and they’ve been the best shared hosting company I’ve used in the past ten years. Their prices were the lowest around when I searched prices last year (besides some shady looking companies that were probably some guy running a few servers in his basement). Their customer service is top notch and quick.

    My *only* complaint is that there is a bit of a language barrier. Some emails have been sent in French (I’m an English speaking American). But, it’s a minor thing. I do wish the servers were in the US just to help support my nation’s economy instead of Canada’s, but perhaps iWeb will drive US-based companies to be more competitive and lower prices.

    Good news about the continued growth. Looking forward to the changes that will come with iWeb 3.0.

  7. I recently started an account with iWeb because I keep my client data in Canada. A lot of small businesses are concerned about their data being stored in other countries. I’m glad iWeb is making an effort to develop their business and continually improve. I’ll pay a premium for that (within reason, of course). Keep up the good work.