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iWeb Time Contest

Published on August 28, 2009 at 10:51 am by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

Since it’s friday and the weekend is nearby, we are holding a very small game, with one of the competitors winning a mystery prize at the end.

Throughout the company’s history, iWeb’s website changed dramatically and we want you to find the chronological order of the pictures shown below.

You can simply put your answer as a comment below, starting from the oldest to the most recent.

We will annonce the winner monday on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Good luck!

edit : The winner is Jerome Paradis.

1 2
3 4
3 4

iWeb Trees at HostingCon

Published on August 24, 2009 at 3:56 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

Two weeks ago, the HostingCon conference started and the iWeb team was on site to support its latest green idea.

It was very simple to plant a tree with iWeb during the 3 days of HostingCon. We only had to take a picture with the iWeb refillable water bottle and send it to us. With each picture we received, we pledged to plant a tree. Many didn’t get why we didn’t write down their email address, their phone number or other information. We didn’t want to sell the idea. We wanted simply to bring environment to the forefront and help our planet to be greener.

With the help of the people from HostingCon, we managed to take 102 pictures, which means automatically 102 trees! Congratulations to all HostingCon 2009 attendees!

iWeb employees also asked to plant a tree by themselves. To thank employees who also had environment at heart, we will add 1 tree for each employee who will present on the planting day.

We are working currently to find the best site to plant the iWeb trees. We will update you on any news on this project.

Thanks again to all HostingCon attendees and to iWeb employees for their future contributions.

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22nd Quarter of Consecutive Growth for iWeb

Published on August 20, 2009 at 6:18 pm by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles

With 75% revenue growth, the Internet hosting provider has surpassed its  2008 earnings total after 3 quarters

Third quarter highlights :

  • 75 % revenue growth, totaling 7,2 M$ in the third quarter of 2009, from 4.1 M$ for the same period in 2008
  • Operating income 11 times greater than same quarter in 2008; 231,000 $ compared to 21,000 $ 1 year earlier
  • EBITDA (adjusted EBITDA) remains steady at 1,9 M$ for 2009; 26,4 % of revenues
  • Net profit of 1,023,000 $, mostly attributable to the additional unrealized theoretical exchange gained on long-term debt in U.S. dollars

Growth remains our priority, especially in the current economic climate” says Eric Chouinard, iWeb President and Chairman. He adds “having said that, our shareholders will be happy to see signs of profitability on both EBITDA and operating income”

“Clients are adopting new technologies at the same rate as they were twelve months ago” says Martin Leclair, President, Products and Technologies. “However, we are noticing a much more controlled approach to expense management from our clients, who are discontinuing certain services which they were not using extensively. Experimental projects are a little smaller, which is normal in the current economic context. We are working closely with our clients to optimize their infrastructure so that they can continue innovating.”

“Two important points to highlight are that revenues continue to grow and EBITDA is kept above 25% of revenue” adds Philip Tousignant, Chief Financial Officer. “Granted, this is the first time that iWeb’s net profit has passed the 1 M$ mark, but that figure is theoretical, just like the losses reported in the past two quarters were. Foreign exchange fluctuations affect the accounting value of a large portion of our long-term debt. Operating income, however, remains positive at over 230,000 $, providing a much better idea of the company’s performance, regardless of market conditions”

Key Financial Data (in thousands of Canadian dollars)

Third quarter ended June 30






Gross profit



Operating income



Net earnings



Earnings per share – basic



Adjusted EBITDA[1]



As at June 30, 2009

As at September 30, 2008

Total assets



Shareholders’ equity



Cash and cash equivalents



1- The Company defines Adjusted EBITDA as Earnings before financial expenses, income taxes, depreciation and amortization, and stock-based compensation.

Director, Communications and Public Relations
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iWeb on site for HostingCon 2009 in Washington DC

Published on August 11, 2009 at 4:30 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

For the next 2 days, Bernard (@bernarddahl) and me (@jeanlucs) will be in Washington DC for the HostingCon. It’s the biggest gathering of companies working in the web hosting industry.

It’s the fourth year that we have representatives at this event, and we always come back with ideas and projects for the next 12 months. For the 2009 edition, we have decided to mix business and environmental issues by ordering refillable water bottles and plant trees.

Our idea is very simple. HostingCon visitors must take a photo of themselves with the iWeb refillable water bottle, send it to us by email, and we will then plant a tree!

We have decided to actually take action to support the environment, and continue on our green efforts and help the community.

You can see the pictures for people who helped iWeb to get a greener world here.

If you want to meet Bernard or me, please leave a comment, and it will be a pleasure to setup a meetup.

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iWeb Summer of Promotion 09; 8 unbeatable packages for you

Published on at 6:10 am by heri in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

As our followers on Twitter already know, we have unveiled a special promotion this month, with a total of 8 deals. Compared to our already very attractive offerings, we’ve added much-needed extras like additional bandwidth, RAM, better hard drives, or even an additional server.

  • Budget Dedicated Server Deal: 3000GB bandwidth and 2GB of RAM, instead of the usual offer of 1500GB and 1GB of RAM, at an always low price of $69/mo
  • Windows Dedicated Server Deal: 3000GB bandwidth, 2GB of RAM and 500GB Hard Drive, instead of 1500GB bandwidth, 1GB RAM and 160GB Hard Drive. Only $124/mo
  • Dedicated Server + cPanel: 3000GB bandwidth, 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard drive. That’s double the normal offer, only at $99/mo
  • Mac Server Deal: Get Unlimited Bandwidth for only $119/mo
  • Unmetered Server Deal: 20Mbps Unmetered Traffic for only $149/mo, from the usual offer of 10Mbps
  • Plesk deal: 3000GB bandwidth, 2GB RAM + Free Plesk. Get it at $99/mo
  • Cluster deal: iWeb gives you a FREE database server, added to the web cluster offer, for the same price.
  • Power Server Deal: A Core2Quad with 10.000GB bandwidth, 4GB RAM, at $159/mo. Compare to the normal 2000GB offer and 2GB RAM.

By shopping those deals, you save from $30 (cost of RAM, HD) to $200 (cost of bandwidth) per month on your order.

This means either you’re developing on Windows, Linux, if you prefer cPanel or Plesk, there’s always a deal for you.