Beyond the Web: Jean-Luc SansCartier

June 8, 2009 by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles

In charge of Visibily and Content Management, Jean-Luc is one of iWeb’s first employees and a hardcore Montreal Canadiens fan.

The day I started working at iWeb, when I opened the door to the office, I met the guy who was passing the vacuum cleaner. It was Eric Chouinard, the President.

I was the guy who did everything, I worked at the reception desk. In the winter, when the office door opened, the cold was unbearable.

We had the loudest doorbell ever, like a hammer+woodpecker combo – especially when Pat kept his finger on it.

I wouldn’t be in Marketing if it wasn’t with iWeb.

Instead of dancing, when the high-school organized dances, we played hockey. Every street in the neighborhood had a team, and the tournaments were really intense.

Mike Modano
was my favorite player. These days I’m very impressed by Marion Gaborik.

Pierre Boivin (President of the Montreal Canadiens) surprised me last year, when he started his conference by telling us we could ask him about anything and everything. Some asked business questions, others asked about Vincent Lecavalier and Mats Sundin.

In fact, the Habs should think about keeping their players from season to season, instead of changing everything every year. A bit of consistency.  (Note: Even when he plays NHL09, Jean-Luc always plays with the Canadiens. Always.)

Terminator scares me a little, because the general idea, the story with the machines, is closer to reality than it is to fiction.

Everything will be online
in 10 years, all the small details of our everyday lives. I hope we won’t lose the human touch, the social contact.

My blog started when I wanted something more personal than the linkdump I had with a buddy – everybody was a lot of fun. Today, I guess we call that a community.

My friendships moved online almost seamlessly, my circle of friends is full of people who are really connected and into technology.

iWeb has become multicultural over the years, and it’s brilliant! It is important to know and learn a little bit about everything, and the best way to learn is through people of all backgrounds.

You can join Jean-Luc on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on his blog. He also handles the iWeb Twitter account and the iWeb blog with Heri.



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