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iWeb strengthens its Managed Services line with strategic acquisition

Published on June 23, 2009 at 9:22 am by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles
iWeb strengthens its product development with the acquisition of Netsimplify, a managed hosting service provider.

iWeb announced the strategic acquisition of Montreal-based managed hosting provider Netsimplify. This move brings iWeb closer to providing its own brand of managed hosting services – which represent the majority of Netsimplify’s revenues in 2008.

“Customers face an increasing complexity in managing their IT infrastructure, and many of our dedicated hosting customers have requested that iWeb provide additional services.” says Eric Chouinard, iWeb’s President and CEO.  “Netsimplify’s customer-driven approach brings a lot of experience, expertise and depth, all of which are important aspects of iWeb’s services”

“This is a logical step towards both cloud computing and managed services” said Martin Leclair, iWeb co-founder and President of Products and Technology. He added that “It is also a homecoming of sorts; Netsimplify’s founder, Simon Boulet, was one of iWeb’s first employees before he left to start his own company nearly three years ago – Welcome back Simon!”.

Simon Boulet will be appointed to the newly created position of IT Manager, from which he will spearhead internal development initiatives.

“We looked at a number of companies and individuals, and Simon was naturally at the top of the list of potential candidates.” Said Cyrille Mertes, Vice-President of IT and Infrastructure. He then points out that “in the medium-term, Simon and the entire infrastructure team will integrate cloud computing and automation into iWeb’s service offering”.

The transfer of Netsimplify’s customers to iWeb is almost complete, a task made easier by the fact that Netsimplify’s infrastructure was mostly colocated within iWeb’s data centers.

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Beyond the Web: Jean-Luc SansCartier

Published on June 8, 2009 at 5:15 pm by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles

In charge of Visibily and Content Management, Jean-Luc is one of iWeb’s first employees and a hardcore Montreal Canadiens fan.

The day I started working at iWeb, when I opened the door to the office, I met the guy who was passing the vacuum cleaner. It was Eric Chouinard, the President.

I was the guy who did everything, I worked at the reception desk. In the winter, when the office door opened, the cold was unbearable.

We had the loudest doorbell ever, like a hammer+woodpecker combo – especially when Pat kept his finger on it.

I wouldn’t be in Marketing if it wasn’t with iWeb.

Instead of dancing, when the high-school organized dances, we played hockey. Every street in the neighborhood had a team, and the tournaments were really intense.

Mike Modano
was my favorite player. These days I’m very impressed by Marion Gaborik.

Pierre Boivin (President of the Montreal Canadiens) surprised me last year, when he started his conference by telling us we could ask him about anything and everything. Some asked business questions, others asked about Vincent Lecavalier and Mats Sundin.

In fact, the Habs should think about keeping their players from season to season, instead of changing everything every year. A bit of consistency.  (Note: Even when he plays NHL09, Jean-Luc always plays with the Canadiens. Always.)

Terminator scares me a little, because the general idea, the story with the machines, is closer to reality than it is to fiction.

Everything will be online
in 10 years, all the small details of our everyday lives. I hope we won’t lose the human touch, the social contact.

My blog started when I wanted something more personal than the linkdump I had with a buddy – everybody was a lot of fun. Today, I guess we call that a community.

My friendships moved online almost seamlessly, my circle of friends is full of people who are really connected and into technology.

iWeb has become multicultural over the years, and it’s brilliant! It is important to know and learn a little bit about everything, and the best way to learn is through people of all backgrounds.

You can join Jean-Luc on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on his blog. He also handles the iWeb Twitter account and the iWeb blog with Heri.

Director, Communications and Public Relations

Get Ready for 30 days of deals, new offers everyday at noon!

Published on June 5, 2009 at 4:28 pm by heri in: iWeb Articles

If you have been shopping for a dedicated server recently, you might have seen our unique offers on bandwidth or dedicated servers with free upgrades.

This time, we are doing something radically different: we’ll post online everyday a new special offer. The deals will range from unbeatable prices (for instance, a dedicated server at only $29 per month) to servers packed with 10TB bandwidth, or new packages to discover.

Compared to previous campaigns, there will be a new offer everyday at noon, EST. Since there are only 10 servers available, be sure to check the promotion page at noon to get yours. Yesterday, we had $29/mo servers, and after a few hours, there was only 1 left.

Since everyone is also on Twitter these days, we are also putting a special promotion made for Twitter users. Click on the Twitter area, update your status, and we will give you a 2nd month FREE. It’s a sweet deal, again, an exclusive for twitter which we awarded to our first lucky customers yesterday (@eviluncleedd @PhilDes, @starhosting amongst others)

Now, get ready for the race, and good luck!


iWeb and Quebec’s business people

Published on June 3, 2009 at 1:45 pm by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles

This weekend, Jean-Luc and I will be heading to Trois-Rivières (which literally means “Three-Rivers”, about 90 minutes from Montreal) to take part in the RJCCQ’s convention, the RJCCQ is the organization that represents all the Young Chambers of Commerce in the province of Quebec.

This will be iWeb’s second time, last year Jean-Luc and I had a great time with a weekend full of interesting presentations and informal meetings. A combination of pleasure and professional development, really.

This year’s conferences will include Pierre-Karl Péladeau on Friday afternoon, and the next day Eric Chouinard, iWeb President of iWeb will give a conference titled “The Innovative Leader.” Eric is a governor of the RJCCQ, and has been very involved in the organization’s development over the past two years.

Last year, we listened to Pierre Boivin (President of the Montreal Canadiens), Jacques Ménard (Chairman of BMO Nesbitt Burns) and lots of other really interesting people who presented during the weekend – topped off with a gala on Saturday evening (we didn’t know, so we were under-dressed). Friday night, on the other hand, was mostly spent in great company at the hotel’s bar; it took a valiant effort for JL and I to justify the bill when we got back…

Overall, a great experience and we met lots of people with whom we have kept contact. So of course, we’re going back this year, and we’re looking forward to more of the same!

Director, Communications and Public Relations