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iWeb continues its growth with a 94% increase in second quarter revenues

Published on May 21, 2009 at 7:53 am by Bernard Dahl in: iWeb Articles

IT infrastructure outsourcing is helping businesses innovate while containing costs; iWeb announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2009.

Second Quarter Highlights:  

  • Revenues have increased by 94%, reaching $6.9 million for the second quarter; almost doubling the performance for the same quarter of 2008
  • Adjusted EBITDA of almost $2.0 million for 2009, or 28.5% of revenues
  • Operating income of $324,000, compared to $6,000 12 months earlier
  • Net loss of $246,000, following the additional unrealized theoretical exchange lost on long-term debt in U.S. dollars

“Our revenue growth is consistent, almost double what it was 12 months ago.” said Eric Chouinard, iWeb President and CEO. “And, with operating income over $300,000, EBITDA close to $2 million, which is nearly 30% of revenues, the strength and full potential of our business is becoming easier to understand”.

“Monthly revenues reached the $2.4 million mark in March, though we have to work even harder to maintain that pace, given the current economic context.” adds Martin Leclair, President, Products and Technology. He then said that “In recent months, we noticed a slowdown in new net recurring revenues, mostly due to an increase in the churn rate. This increase in churn is mainly attributable to current clients who are downsizing the level of certain services which were not considered essential at this time. We believe that these same services will be reintroduced when our customers’ situation will allow them to pursue more ventures.”

“The strong improvement of our operations, in terms of profitability, is not yet reflected in our net results.” indicates Philip Tousignant, Chief Financial Officer. ” Due to financial expenses resulting from external market conditions, totalling $560,000 for the last quarter, we are reporting a net loss. For the second consecutive quarter, the main element of these financial expenses is the unrealized exchange loss on the long-term debt of $10 million US.”

Read the full press release.

Director, Communications and Public Relations

Back from Webcom Montreal 2009

Published on May 15, 2009 at 1:57 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

Webcom 2009 was scheduled May 13th with many famous speakers. There were people from Google, Salesforce and Yahoo amongst others. I went to several tracks during the day and I found it interesting to compare what we were doing at iWeb to what the speakers were saying. So here a quick summary of iWeb vs speakers.

Sales, marketing and 2.0 products: Do more for the Facebook era?Clara Shih of SalesForce

A great speaker which said mainly that each company should be on Facebook because everyone is on this website. There was a brief moment where the speaker talked about advertising on Facebook and overall, it could be summed up to “very targeted customers”. You can advertise very easily, quickly, and at low cost to reach very targeted users

For us, iWeb, we are involved heavily on Facebook with a fan page, a group and exclusive promotions for people on those 2 spaces. We also have several videos on Facebook and we get many comments on our pages. We also have good interactions with our customers, in a more friendly setting and we love that. Do you want to be our friends?

We will begin in a few days testing targeted advertising to see the results. We believe we’ll do well because we can search for the exact kind of customer we target. We can look for people with sys-admin, programmers or other keywords like video. There is practically no limits to Facebook’s platform, and if you have time, try it out.

Ergonomy optimization: Do better with Less!- Anastasia Simitsis of

This was a presentation which made me think we might have too much text with This stroke me: “For the web, write your content and now, cut it in half!”. We are currently redoing several sections of our website and I think I am going to put that sentence in my signature when we will see what text to put online.

The speaker also demonstrated how complicated it was for a few websites to order. To get a user to buy on your website, you must show very obviously how to go the next step of the buying process, the order! She advises a clear button, with a striking color and a clear message so that the customer can see in blink of an eye how to get the product.

On that last point, I think iWeb is doing very good with its orange buttons “Order now”. It can’t be much clearer, I think.

There were many other presentations during the conference with people like Sylvain Carle of Praized, Simon Lamarche of Adviso, and Marc Canter from BroadbandMechanics. With the magic of the Internet, you can now watch the Webcom 2009 presentations on their website

Congratulations to the Webcom Montreal 2009 team and see you next year!

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More Ways to Reach iWeb: a blog, youtube, facebook, linkedin, and now 2 accounts on Twitter

Published on May 12, 2009 at 4:25 pm by heri in: iWeb Articles

Since the beginning of this year, we have introduced more ways to reach iWeb, with a focus on reaching iWeb customers and also potential users of iWeb who don’t have the time to read the iWeb blog or who would like to get updates on their favorite websites.

Recently, we have added yet more tools that would let you contact, discuss or know more about iWeb:

  • Blog posts published on this blog can be received by email, with the feature accessible on the right sidebar. You will then get email updates every day.
  • Of course, there is also a wide variety of RSS feeds, from the RSS feed of the status pages, the feed for the iWeb Tech News Highlights, the feed for the main blog (without the tech news highlights) etc.
  • There is the iWeb Technologies youtube account, where we publish videos of our 3 data centers, as well as typical quick youtube videos
  • Our Twitter account @iweb has now more than 740 followers, and growing every day. Get there to follow updates. We follow back, we can help you if you are looking to buy, we will answer questions, and we will also help in case you need that little extra push with customer service.
  • NEW: We also now have the @iwebstatus twitter account, where sys-admins and webmasters can get access to a dedicated twitter account, with the same updates as found in this page. What you can do for instance is to get updates from @iwebstatus to your mobile phone, by SMS.
  • NEW: We have an active Facebook page, where we publish pictures, videos, informal updates about the company, as well as links for deals. There used to be a Facebook group, but a Facebook page is much more practical for Facebook users, since it integrates into their homepage
  • NEW: In the same spirit, there’s also the iwebtech Flickr account where you can see pictures of the data centers, and behind-the-scenes moments
  • There is also an official LinkedIn group, for those interested in jobs, but also news for the profesionnal networking website.

This means that we’ve got most communication medium covered, and I hope you find one suitable to your online habits. We’re planning to cover more (newsletter are missing for instance and it’s in the next to-do list), stay tuned for more info, and don’t hesitate to reply or comment, we love customer feedback.

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iWeb Tech News Highlights: Rapid prototyping, Hadoop, pattern matching in python, open source microblogging

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iweb tech news highlights The iWeb Tech News Highlights covers web hosting, web development, web design and general technology news and is published at 8.00am EST. For May 12th, here are the highlights:


iWeb in Top 10 of most reliable web hosting company

Published on May 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm by heri in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

Netcraft: iWeb is ranked among the most reliable hosting companies

Netcraft, a firm which measures reliability, uptime and network performance, has just published its ranking of the most reliable hosting companies for April 2009.

We’re proud to see that iWeb Technologies is ranked once again in the top 10 most reliable web hosting company, with 100% uptime according to Netcraft, in fact this is the 9th time we’re ranked in the top 10 (See our track records here). This award highlight the quality of our hardware and also the dedication of the iWeb staff on delivering world-class service. Congratulations to iWeb’s infrastructure team for reaching this quality of service!

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