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iWeb featured on Canal Argent

Published on April 22, 2009 at 4:05 pm by heri in: iWeb Articles

Canal Argent, a cable channel covering finance and business, featured today Mr. Bernard Dahl, Director of Communications at iWeb, about the 10.000th server milestone reached at iWeb.

Bernard Dahl interviewed on Canal Argent: iWeb reaches 10,000 dedicated server milestone (Bernard Dahl is Director, Public Relations for, a Montreal Internet hosting company)

Click on the image or here to view the interview (in French). Bernard Dahl presents the company, the advantages of managed hosting, and also future outlooks for the company (hint: they are bright)


Earth Day: iWeb’s green efforts

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earth day Today is Earth Day, an opportunity to think globally on climate change, a sustainable future, and to think how our current uses & lifestyles impact the planet.

How important is being green in web hosting? After all, we are just moving electronic bits around, and it doesn’t look like the automobile or the steel industry. Still, a recent study shows that 78 percent of shoppers value green websites, which means that if you are doing business online (or even if you only have a simple blog), it’s important to enquire how your web hosting company view the environment and energy efficiency.

First, we do site-wide recycling in iWeb’s 3 data centers. iWeb also uses RoHS motherboards since 2006, which do not contain harmful substances like lead, cadmium, or mercury, as opposed to normal motherboards.

Of course, a web hosting company’s environmental impact is linked essentially to power consumption required to power the servers and utilities 24/7, all year round. To this effect, all of iWeb’s data centers are powered with renewable, clean energy, from Hydro-Québec, which produces electricity with from hydro-electric dams.

Since iWeb is also located in Quebec, Canada, we also need much less air conditioning to cool the hot air produced by the servers, as opposed to data centers that would be located in cities like Dallas or San Francisco.

Recycling, toxin-free materials, renewable energy, efficient power consumption, those are all the areas where iWeb does make a difference. Next time you consider purchasing a web hosting solution, do think about the green efforts of this company

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iWeb Reaches 10.000 Servers Online

Published on April 21, 2009 at 1:38 pm by heri in: iWeb Articles

As announced in yesterday’s blog post, iWeb has reached the magic number of the 10.000th dedicated server deployed.

We have an official press release

It’s a significant milestone, and all the numbers we have indicate that iWeb will be growing faster as ever.

To celebrate the event with you and anyone else interested in joining iWeb, we’ve just launched a special promotion.

Congratulations to all the iWeb staff, and thanks to all iWeb customers!


10.000th Server at iWeb, Win 10 x $1000 in Hosting Credits

Published on April 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm by heri in: iWeb Articles

If you follow the iWeb blog, you surely have seen our recent successes in the past 3 months:

win hosting credits for dedicated servers Those achievements demonstrate iWeb’s tremendous growth, the quality of its products, and the dedication of the iWeb staff.

This April, we’ve reached another significant milestone, our 10.000th dedicated server, an exciting time indeed at iWeb. It’s time for celebration; and since we owe it all to you, we are now running a special promotion.

First, for any dedicated server worth $99/mo or more, you get an insane 10.000GB monthly traffic, compared to the usual 3000GB. This is especially interesting for live streaming, either audio or video, image hosting etc, but it’s also interesting for you and anyone who wishes to free from bandwidth limitations.

Second, we are holding 10 draws, where you can win $1000 in hosting credits. Customize a dedicated server, sign up, and as soon as tomorrow, we’ll announce winners on regular intervals on Twitter and also on the iWeb blog.

To get the offer and view full details on this special deal, click on the image on the left side or you can also click here. If you’ve ever thought about getting a server at iWeb, here’s your chance!


iWeb Tech News Highlights: CSS for programmers, the Pirate Bay, memcached

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iweb tech news highlights The iWeb Tech News Highlights covers web hosting, web development, web design and general technology news and is published at 8.00am EST. For April 20th, here are the highlights:

  • Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design, with a few guidelines for those new to web design
  • The team behind the Pirate Bay were found guilty last Friday. The trial was symbolic of the fight between the music industry and common practices on the Internet (file-sharing and downloading)
  • peep is a new tool that allows a sys-admin to see what’s currently in memcached