iWeb acquires the Sun Storage 7410 for its storage area network

December 5, 2008 by heri in: iWeb Articles

iWeb just acquired the Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System to fulfill its needs in large volume storage. To be specific, it will be used to support the email system in shared hosting, instead of the previous data servers NetApp F740 and F820.

sun nas storage 7410

The Sun Storage 7410 has been chosen for its very good performance, reliability, ease of use and modularity. It allows for instance: 

  • Monitoring in real-time of the CPU, ram, network, filesystems, and and also specify actions with DTrace. Maintenance of the server will then be easier.
  • A new hybrid architecture, which uses SSD hard drives, which have a lower access time, and lower energy needs, and which uses at the same time traditional hard drives with larger capacities.
  • A good modularity, which will allow iWeb to add resources according to its needs,
  • Possibility to create configuration with no single point of failures, by clustering.

Moreover, compared to other hardware vendors, Sun offers free access to its software, which means lower costs and also better flexibility to iWeb.

For iWeb customers in shared hosting, this means they will have access to a storage server with larger capacity, which will be better maintened, and also a guaranteed continuity of service.

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