A Story about Mafiaboy and DDOS attacks

October 17, 2008 by heri in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

The most common Denial Of Service attack (DOS) or Distributed DOS attack (DDOS) is to saturate the victim’s server with external requests, making it unavailable from legitimate traffic since the attacks consume all available incoming bandwidth and server resources.

Such was the story of “mafiaboy”, a Montreal-based hacker who targeted leading websites and services, such as Yahoo!, Ebay, Amazon, E*trade or DELL. He was just then 15 years old, and his scheme was first to get the control of university computer networks. It’s estimated that he managed to pirate roughly 40% of US university computers, after which he commanded them to flood above servers, panicking everyone in the industry and triggering a reaction at the White House.

If you are interested in web security, and want to know more how mafiaboy managed these exploits, a book is now coming out in stores. It’s a rough reminder how one individual could wreck havock in a company’s web infrastructure, regardless of its size.

And this kind of story is not unique. More recently, estonian websites were targeted by a russian DDOS attack, bringing down the websites of governments, banks, and agencies. Like Mafiaboy’s case, there were little details about the attackers, and the Estonian government were virtually powerless.

If you are the admin of a website, do read the article about DDOS attacks.

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  1. He was on the excellent show, The Hour, the other day:

  2. Yes, I was surprised he got so much publicity. His name is now public (Michael Calce) although he was supposed to be a kid at that time and so he’s supposed not be responsible for his actions.

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