3 Free Tools to Monitor your Website’s status

October 15, 2008 by heri in: Web Hosting Articles

For the iWeb blog, we just launched a brand-new tool to let you see easily what is the current status of iWeb systems. This is meant to be a reference whenever you experience technical problems and wonder if it’s a problem with iWeb, or a problem with your server, or the software you use.

If you experience frequent server problems, or if you manage a business-critical website, you might need tools to monitor the current status of your server and/or your website, giving you handy features such as automated email or SMS alerts whenever the website is down. Other tools can also give daily and weekly statistics on downtime.

As an introduction, here are 3 tools that you can use to monitor the health and uptime of your website(s):

  1. Montastic is a very simple tool: you just provide your email address and the URL you would like to track, and voilà, it’s done. Website status will then be checked every 10 minutes, and there’s also a RSS feature
  2. mon.itor.us is an even more powerful service. There’s of course automated email alerts, but they also provide tools to enable reporting of site response times, outages, as well as resource utilization and tracking of site visitors.
  3. site24×7 is a service provided by zoho. There is a free basic service, limited to 2 websites. However, it has more features than Montastic or mon.itor.us; with daily and weekly statistics and graphs

Apart from system status, these tools can also give you precious cues on your website’s performance. site24×7 provides for instance the average time response: the lower it is, the more likely people will stay and use your website

Udpate from comments: Have also a look at freesitestatus, which has a free plan, as well as a professional plan.

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  2. We would love for you to try our service http://www.freesitestatus.com and would appreciate any feedback.

  3. Thanks for the link, it has been added to the post

  4. Here’s another simple web monitoring service which is FREE

    Simple because you just supply the url and they will create the login id and password for you to access http://www.mywebkpi.com and see the graphs with KPI analysis. In fact I’ve been surfing the net for the past few months looking for a free web site monitoring services with kpi analysis. This is what i found http://www.mywebkpi.com You can now monitor your website for FREE without installing any software or making any configuration changes.

    I just found out that the free offer is only for the first 100 users. So hurry! Click here
    http://www.mywebkpi.com/contact-free.html for FREE request while its still free.

    Works fine for me. Right now i’m using this free service to keep an eye on my corporate web site. Nice graphs with analysis check out the real-time demo here


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  6. basicstate.com has been allowing unlimited testing of web servers since January/2007. SMS is available, but it is a paid option unless you have access to a email to sms gateway for your carrier.

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  8. http://BinaryCanary.com offers FREE 15 minute monitoring of http, email, ftp, ping, etc., OR a $5/month account for 1 minute monitoring! PLUS part of it’s server infrastructure is acutally hosted at iweb.com in Montreal. :-)

  9. Hi Heri.. Would you also consider adding http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com/ to the list. I am biased but they do offer both uptime and SEO monitoring together as one service and it is in free beta right now.

  10. I’m using this service to monitor my website’s position – http://monitor.mazecore.com . They provide rank and uptime monitoring with alerts, but position monitoring on free account is enough for me. I recommend this service with free tariff for your website.

  11. Nice post. Thanks for sharing it. Better if you can monitor website rank, position and uptime in one place!