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Spam filtering : how to make sure that Hotmail and others don’t exclude your legitimate emails

Published on March 12, 2008 at 12:17 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Development Articles

anti-spamOver the past few years, the exponential increase in the volume of spam has forced email service providers to apply increasingly aggressive filtering solutions which sometimes exclude legitimate emails. In order to reduce the chances that your emails are perceived as spam from major suppliers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Google or AOL, please make sure your server meets the following qualifications :

1) A valid “PTR” Record (Reverse-DNS) is configured on your IP address.

A PTR Record is essentially the hostname that is shown when a reverse lookup query is done on an IP address. This type of query is always done by default and the result is shown in email headers. Having a configured or customized PTR record will help giving your server more credibility when sending emails.

An optimal PTR record would be the server’s principal hosted domain.

You can have your Reverse DNS configured or changed by opening an assistance request with our system administration team.

2) The email addresses: abuse@.tld, postmaster@.tld should be working.

Feedback loop is an email address used to report spam abuses for a certain IP address. This address is abuse@ and/or postmaster@. AOL asks that these account exists and that they accepts emails.

3) A “TXT” DNS entry that contains a valid SPF record is configured for the domains hosted on your server.

By default, anyone can send emails from any domains by spoofing email addresses. A SPF record will restrict the IP addresses or hostnames allowed to send e-mails from the domains it will be configured on.

You can generate a SPF record by using the OpenSPF Wizard.

By having the two conditions above met, the verifications made by the email service providers are likely to determine that your IP address can be trusted and will refer to other criterias to verify wether a specific email is considered unsolicited.

If you wish to know more about how email delivery works and ways to raise your delivery rate, you can review the following website:

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or require assistance.

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This is Ariana, the star behind the Sitepal!

Published on March 6, 2008 at 6:54 pm by iWeb Technologies in: Web Development Articles, iWeb Articles

As you already know from the last few weeks, our new website is about to see the light pretty soon. Several new features have been added but we would like to talk about one in particular, the sitepal. For those who are not familiar with this communication tool, sitepal is an online service that uses animated virtual agents to provide any kind of information.

Why the sitepal integration? Quite simply because we find the idea of this virtual character fun and it brings a bit of dynamism and accessibility that for us very well reflects what we are!
That is not all, the sitepal is not just any kind of digitalized robot without a soul, behind the image lies an exceptional collaborator working for iWeb for several years; We present you Ariana!

Click to hear her speak

You will see the charismatic Ariana appear very soon on your screens and she has a lot of interesting things to tell you, therefore, stay tuned when you see her! In addition to being present shortly on our new website, Ariana will also be featured in several corporate flavored videos that will make their apparations in the coming weeks, more details will be sent to you regarding that matter.

Finally, we would like to have your impressions about our spokesperson that is the sitepal. Do you find this practical? Are you tempted to take a look at it? Send us your comments, we want to know what you think about this addition.