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Notes from the Hosting Transformation Summit

Published on September 28, 2007 at 2:14 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

The Venetian - Hosting Transformation SummitAs promised, Martin Leclair, Chief Operating Officer at iWeb Technologies, has attended the Hosting Transformation Summit which took place from september 17th to 19th at Las Vegas. On such occasions, iWeb always takes the opportunity to gather notes and establish contacts.

According to Martin, what needs to be remembered from the event in terms of hosting services is the importance of :

  • - having a history of uptime to back service license agreements;
  • - making services available on demand;
  • - making your services easy to sign up for;
  • - respecting standards and certifications to enhance the adoption of services.

Furthermore, two trends seem to stand out most of all :

  • - 2008 will be the year of CDN (Content Delivery Networks);
  • - the colocation market is hot since spaces are more and more limited.

Finally, participants concluded that the elements which should guide the future of the hosting industry are the same iWeb is already working on : availability, reliability, on-demand, and open standards. Stay tuned to know everything about the next events iWeb will attend !

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Tips and tricks : using the “catch all” option

Published on September 19, 2007 at 12:45 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Development Articles

Using the “catch all” option in the control panel of your POP email accounts implies that all of the emails directed to any addresses within your domain are forwarded to you, whether these addresses exists or not.
You may not be aware that enabling this option affects the server’s performance and increases the quantity of spam you are likely to receive. This function should be enabled only in rare exceptions, and we strongly recommend that you disable it.

You can disable the “catch all” feature from your control panel by clicking on “Set catchall email deleted” in the “POP accounts management” section. You can access the control panel on Lumiva or Jinn to proceed with these modifications.

Once disabled, it is neccessary to create a single email account (POP) for each one of the addresses you are using. The procedure is simple.

As explained in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, a POP account is what allows you access to a mail server. Essentially a mailbox. It allows you to store received messages sent to your email adress. To retreive these messages, you will need a software like OutLook, OutLook Express, Netscape Mail, or Eudora Mail. Upon connection to the mail server, you will be asked for a username and a password. Once you have supplied this information, you will receive the messages contained in your mailbox (Inbox).

To create new accounts, go to the control panel then follow these steps :

  1. Click on “Create POP account”
  2. In the “POP Account” textbox, enter the prefix of the desired e-mail adress.
  3. In the “Password” textbox, type in the desired password for this e-mail account
  4. In the “Confirm Password” textbox, confirm the desired password.
  5. In the “Name” textbox, enter a descriptive name for your identification purposes. (strictly informational)
  6. Click the “Add” button.
Create POP account

If you need any help, do not hesitate to submit a request on the Customer Hub, or to contact us at +1 (514) 286-4242.

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SWsoft buys the Ensim Pro product line

Published on September 14, 2007 at 9:20 am by iWeb-Olivier in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

Ensim ProEnsim has just announced the sale of its Ensim Pro control panel business to SWsoft, maker of the Plesk control panel. Ensim will now focus on its Unify product line. Both Ensim and SWsoft tools are available to iWeb customers.

SWsoft has already announced that Ensim Pro customers can expect the full resources and support of the company. Ensim Pro will be integrated with other SWsoft softwares. iWeb will also continue to offer and support Ensim Pro.

PleskThe Ensim Pro control panel is used to automate the process of setting up and managing web servers, e-mail accounts, and software applications. As for SWsoft, its award winning control panel Plesk software has proven itself for years to be one of the best.

Press releases from both companies are available on their websites : Ensim, SWsoft.

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New office spaces on Sherbrooke street for iWeb

Published on September 13, 2007 at 9:30 am by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

iWeb rue Sherbrooke mapThe exceptional development of iWeb Technologies accelerated since the construction last year of our new data center in St-Leonard; it has been necessary to increase our manpower in order to sustain this growth. Since last year, the number of employees has doubled and this trend should further continue.

For this reason, our office on Hochelaga street became exiguous, and it is now requisite to rent new temporary office space so that the development of the company follows its course. The objective, as always, is to maintain the quality of our services.

Most of the members of the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service departments will move to new work spaces on the 9th floor at 1851, Sherbrooke East street, in Montréal. The employees will enjoy from a beautiful sight of the city, in addition to being near the famous Lafontaine Park. Moreover, this new site remains at short distance of iWeb’s Hochelaga street offices. The change involves approximately 20 employees who should move within one month.

The following map shows the location of this new office.

iWeb new office

We will add photographs of the work spaces as soon as we are installed there. Until then, here is the complete address of the building :

1851 Sherbrooke East street
H2K 4L5
Office 902

For addresses and directions to other iWeb facilities, please consult the Contacts page.

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Data center expansion : second phase completed !

Published on September 11, 2007 at 4:19 pm by iWeb-Olivier in: iWeb Articles

We are proud to announce the conclusion of the second expansion phase at iWeb’s-CL data center, in Saint-Leonard. Even if there are small adjustments and some cleaning to do, the center is completely operational and works at its full capacity. The construction of this second expansion phase debuted last September.

The data center’s capacity increased to 4000 dedicated servers and it now provides enough redundant power to fill 135 colocation racks. Also, a Network Operation Center (NOC) has been built in order to manage and monitor network activities more efficiently.

But iWeb won’t stop there : the third phase should begin shortly in order to increase even more the capacity of our data center. The goal is to cope with the increased requests from clients for our first-quality hosting plans.

Here is an interesting summary of all the different steps of this second phase :

September 2006 | March 2007 | April 2007 | May 2007 | June 2007 | June 2007 | July 2007

Finally, here are some images about these steps :

Zone1: Dedicated servers section

Serveurs dédiés début


Serveurs dédiés fin

Zone2: Colocation Section

Colocation Début


Colocation Fin

Zone3: Electrical room

Salle Mécanique début


Salle mécanique fin

Zone5: NOC zone

NOC début


NOC fin

Zone6: New section

Nouvelle section début


Nouvelle section fin

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