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iWeb in Chicago for HostingCon 2007

Published on July 19, 2007 at 8:18 am by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

dedicated small
iWeb will visit HostingCon 2007 from July 23th to July 25th. HostingCon is the biggest annual convention of the Web Hosting Industry. The convention will take place on the huge 3,300 foot long pier on the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan called Navy Pier. We shall be available to meet the customers that would like to speak with us thus do not hesitate to contact us and it will be a pleasure to meet you there and to answer your questions.

We hope to see you in Chicago !
For more details of HostingCon on 2007, visit the following site:

August 1th

We are back from Chicago (since a few days already) and, once again, Hostingcon gathered a lot of industry professionals. It was a very interesting presence for the iWeb team, who met certain clients and providers, and participated to interesting conferences.

You can see here under one of the pictures taken during our stay with one of our clients. Bulent, it was a pleasure to meet you during the event, and we hope we will have the occasion to repeat the experiment anytime soon! :-)

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Datacenter Expansion; Phase 2 almost completed!

Published on July 17, 2007 at 4:54 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

dedicated small Here are the latest pictures of the work in progress at iWEB’s-CL DC. We are proud to announce that the work on our iWEB-CL data center is almost completed and we plan to finalize everything during the month of August.

The work on our data center has completely stopped since yesterday because of the construction holiday, which is 128 000 construction workers of Quebec on vacation for two weeks, and will start again on July 30th. To complete phase 2, asphalt work outside must be executed and we have to set up control and surveillance processes on all our equipments. Quick scoop, phase 3 is already in preparation!!

Last week, we announced some work going on on our new 1.5MW generator and our 500KW UPS thus both are now completely functional. Today, we shall proceed with the start up of our two air conditioning units of 30 ton each located in our dedicated servers zone.

Did you miss our last publication of the work in progress at iWEB’s-CL data center’
You may consult the previous publication here.

Zone 1: Dedicated Servers dedicated zone
Zone 2: Colocation colocation zone
Zone 2: Colocation (Telco room) telco zone
Zone 3: Electrical room salle electrique
Zone 7: Hydro electrical room salle electrique hydro
Zone 6: New section (Water tower) agrandissement


New pictures will be published to keep you up to date with the last developments of the other sections.

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New generator start up and UPS transfer

Published on July 12, 2007 at 6:03 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

We proceeded today with the start up of the new 1.5MW generator. We also made some tests on the new generator but no load was transferred during the day.

Tomorrow, friday the 13th (we are not superstitious!), We shall proceed with 2 modifications;

1- At the moment, in case of a power failure, our UPS2 is fed by our rented generator which was installed for a few weeks. After the electricians intervention, ( the connection of the UPS2 on the new electric panel of the new generator included), the rented generator will be disconnected and the permanent 1,5MW generator will be our secondary power source.

2- We will take advantage of this occasion to transfer the UPS1 secondary power source towards our 500KW generator to distribute the load suitably between our generators. During this transfer which will take approximately 2 hours and a half, our power sources will be unique during a certain period of time, which will be taken care by Hydro-Qu├ębec or our 1,5MW generator.

If you notice any problems during these interventions, do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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iWeb8; Network’s Reliability recognized once again!

Published on July 11, 2007 at 2:02 pm by iWeb Technologies in: iWeb Articles

iWeb8 is listed again among the top 10 most reliable networks within several world class Web hosters. It is always an honor to be part of Netcraft’s ranking and to be recognized as being the alternative in term of reliability and we shall continue to maintain a solid architecture to provide our customers with a service level that meets their expectations.

We invite you to consult the article at News Netcraft.

Fuller information on the measurement process and current measurements are available at

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Published on July 6, 2007 at 3:39 pm by iWeb Technologies in: Web Hosting Articles, iWeb Articles

The following article will be published in the July edition of the Web Host Industry Review magazine in the Product Service Announcement section .

Dedicated server specialists are unanimous: with the changes brought to the entire spectrum of Intel processors, the latest technological improvements have been (and in some cases still are) a real puzzle! From the integration and positioning of existing offers to the questions from customers who try to compare different technologies offered by competitor companies, everyone is having to adjust! How to customize an offer with Core2 Quad processors while they have no equivalent for the moment? How do you explain that the new Celeron 1,6Ghz processors is more powerful than the former Celeron 3,0Ghz generation? How do you justify the significant decline in cost for the Core2 processors to the thousands of customers who have paid top-dollar for it?

At, the transition was made in a drastic way; a revision of all their offers! Indeed, for most Web hosts, the processor is the main unit of comparison between offers, and is no exception to this rule. We have almost 20 dedicated server plans with Intel processors besides the AMD offers and we intend to keep our pricing structure the way it is; which is appreciated by the customers. We chose not to go with the gradual integration of new processors, as to avoid a high level of mismatch when customers compare the offers. By changing 100% of the processors in every offer, the “streamlined” approach keeps it easy for customers to measure, understand and maximize the value of each offer.

As the majority of readers may already know, the processor improvements of the past few months were made on several levels. Faster FSB, higher cache memory and a improved processor conception (for “single” or “multiple” core) which improves performance while consuming less power generating less heat. The improved processor conception is mainly what makes the recent standard comparison unit obsolete (the power of the CPU in Ghz), Foreseeing the market’s conversion to this new paradigm in the near future, has completed the technological migration and elaboration of these new offers. Server Evolution
Celeron D upgraded to: New Generation CELERON
Pentium 4 Hyper Thread upgraded to: Pentium E (The NEW Dual-Core)
Pentium D upgraded to: Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Duo upgraded to: Core 2 Quad
Pro Duo (Dual XEON) Servers
Xeon Dempsey upgraded to: Xeon Woodcrest
Xeon Woodcrest upgradable to: Dual Xeon Quad Core (2x Quad Core
means the power of 8 processors!)

But what do we do with the customers who purchased “previous technologies” and who ask for the benefits of newer technologies, or application of the new pricing? Once the term and/or current contract is up, our Account Managers help customers re-assess their needs and requirements to find the new technology that best meets current needs. This helps clients take advantage of the new technology at a lower cost; and is a common practice at This flexibility is effectively an unmistakable advantage of the dedicated servers compared to the colocation services; you reap the benefits of the newest technology at the same price point.

iWeb invites you to visit its site at the address for more details about these new offers and to discuss with their qualified personel who will answer all your questions related to the new offers. The team will be able to guide you through this puzzle which represent the technological changes.

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